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Knockahoma Nation

Jul 29, 2018


Josh is back! Ken and Josh get political, talk Snitker, the bullpen, and the trade deadline. This episode will probably offend you. TRIGGER WARNING. If you are a *%$$# then this might not be the show for you. Also if you like to be offended, then this episode gives you lots of chances to do so. Also it's our 69TH...

Jul 22, 2018

This week Josh is off rubbing elbows with Elon Musk and driving his Tesla around the country, so Ken takes the Allstar Break to take a look back at a few things from the offseason and from last year. 

This episode has some of the best moments on the show from the last year and a half and is guaranteed to make you laugh,...

Jul 15, 2018

This week we're rejoined by Michael Kelly, and Jonathan Howard joins us for the first time. This could be the best episode yet.

You may know Michael from his role as Doug Stamper on the Netflix show House of Cards. Michael's a buddy of ours, a woke Knockahoma Nation listener, and a very knowledgeable Braves fan. You'd...

Jul 8, 2018

This week on Knockahoma Nation Ken explains what a baseball manager does and Josh recaps his interesting trip to ElizaBETHton, Tennessee to see the Danville Braves. Did you know that they don't serve beer at ElizaBETHton Twins games? It's true.

Ken also gets philosophical, and talks forever, about his favorite past...

Jul 1, 2018

This week the boys are joined by Grant McAuley to catch all the latest details on the Braves from one of the best that covers them. We talk Snitker, bullpens, WWE, and the rest of MLB! 

Then Ken and Josh get a little rowdy talking about the bullpen and what people should be remembering and celebrating this season.