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Knockahoma Nation

Mar 25, 2019

Happy Opening Day Week, you knuckleheads! We decided to give you some extra content for the special occasion. Let’s get weird.

Topics on this week’s replacement-level podcast

  • 2019 MLB predictions
  • Advanced analytics
  • Why Nick Markakis is “better” than Ichiro
  • 90’s Christian contemporary music
  • and much, much...

Mar 18, 2019

This week our friend Gabe Burns, from the AJC, comes back on the show! Gabe's a rising star in the world of baseball writers and he's going into his second full season covering the Atlanta Braves for the AJC. Not just anybody can replace David O'Brien, but Gabe is killing it.

Enjoy the show!

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Mar 11, 2019

This week we've got Part 2 of our 2019 Braves Prospects Summit with our good buddies Jason Woodell, Dylan Short, Benjamin Chase, Andy Harris, and Gaurav Vedak. THEN, Kenny, JT and Josh go off the rails on baseball and culture. Hold onto your britches, bitches, because this episode would even trigger Chuck Norris.


Mar 5, 2019

Welcome to Week 1 of our 2019 Prospects Summit. We did our first "prospects summit" last year and had a blast, so we thought we'd continue the tradition. This year, Dylan Short and Andy Harris return from last year's summit, and we invited a few new faces, including Jason Woodell from Prospects Live.

This week, Josh...