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Knockahoma Nation

Oct 22, 2019

The boys take a deep dive into 90’s underground Christian rock, we're sorry but they even sing.

Then they try to talk about the NLCS and WS, only to end up screaming and crying about the Braves.

Then they debate the merits of less Minor League baseball teams, and then take a look at college football from the past weekend.

Introducing a new segment "woke-a-homa nation" where we strive to keep our listeners informed so that they can stake 'woke' in a politically incorrect world.

Then they draft the best Halloween costumes of all time, talk gambling and the Andy Griffith show.

Finally the boys draft the best nicknames of all time.

Remember, this is a politically correct podcast and nonsense will not be tolerated.

Listen responsibly, kids, and don't forget to subscribe to Knockahoma Nation on iTunes, CastBox or Stitcher.

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