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Knockahoma Nation

Apr 8, 2019

We've got a very special episode this week, you knuckleheads. We are joined by none other than the voice of the Atlanta Braves, Ben Ingram. Ben has been doing radio for the Atlanta Braves for several years now and comes from humbling beginnings in Mississippi. If there's anyone who embodies our game in its purest form, it's our pal Ben Ingram.

Then, per usual, Josh, Kenny and JT go off the rails and things get weird. What's new?

We introduce our new Rapid Fire News segment with the guys from Outfield Fly Rule.

Then Boggy drops his stat of the week.

Josh also brings you a brand new segment called "Moe Knows" where Josh reads tweets from our friend Monique. Follow Monique HERE and get educated on life.

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