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Knockahoma Nation

May 27, 2019

This week's Knockahoma Nation podcast is packed with all sorts of stuff. JT sits down with Amber Dobbs, a violinist/Braves fan who went viral last week after her Mike Soroka parody tune:

Josh and JT also sit down with Chris O'Leary, the most hated man on Twitter. Chris is a self-proclaimed critical thinking pitching/hitting expert and has claimed to help the careers of Tommy Pham and Mark Trumbo. A couple of years ago, Chris caught a lot of hate among Braves fan and even Braves media members (and us) for throwing shade at Ronald Acuna's "objectively long" swing on Twitter a couple of years ago. We here at Knockahoma Nation don't agree with pretty much any of Chris' baseball takes (especially his Acuna ones) but we invited him on anyways. And... at the end of the day, what Chris has said about Braves prospects isn't any dumber than what Talking Chop bloggers have said about Austin Riley and Nick Markakis.

Then, the boys talk baseball and life, per usual. (Including a debate about the location of the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame.)

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