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Knockahoma Nation

Sep 2, 2018

This week on Knockahoma Nation Josh and Kenny attempt to cover all of most important topics in life. Like Robert Earl Keen and Tiger Woods.

Seriously, tho, this might be their best work. They boys go deep down the rabbit holes and dig up things like Ted Williams, Roberto Clemente and the 1893 Atlanta Windjammers. Did you know Atlanta had a base ball team called the Windjammers and a guy named Bones Ely was on it?

As promised on the podcast, here's video of Billy Bean's interview. Watch it and share it with the world. The world needs to see it. THIS is the Daniel Murphy story; the story of two guys from totally different viewpoints coming together and becoming friends because of baseball.

Also as promised, here is The Most Beautiful Baseball Discussion ever published, by Peter Gammons. In 1986, he sat down with a young Don Mattingly and Wade Boggs and the King, Ted Williams. What followed was absolute perfection to read.

Here's the George Jones song mentioned in the podcast, "Just One More." This particular recording of the song was on the Tin Cup soundtrack in 1996. (Editors note: In the podcast, Josh says that the song was only on the Tin Cup soundtrack. It was actually first written and recorded by The Possum way back in 1956 and reached No. 3 on the Billboard charts that year. Country stars of George's caliber often didn't, and still don't, write their own material, but George pinned this one.)

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